For over 35 years, CMRK has dedicated itself to giving back to individuals and communities in need both locally, and abroad. Regardless of the task, or request, CMRK is happy to rise to the occasion, by coupling friendly and dedicated service with customizable business solutions to suit the needs of all.


CMRK’s mission “Clothing with a Conscience” is to educate, facilitate, and hearten communities and individuals in order to facilitate environmental progress through the ethical and responsible collection of second chance clothing, shoes, and household items. We take great pride in our customer service and commitment to helping both those in need, and our environment.

What Makes Us Different

Charitable Support & Financial Partnership

CMRK, in partnership with the Big Brother Big Sisters Foundation proudly fosters long term business relationships with community businesses, municipalities and charities. Our work throughout our many years of service has allowed CMRK to contribute towards the operational funding of good for agencies, throughout New England. Our proven and demonstrated track record of success and accountability places CMRK at the pinnacle of responsible repurposing.

We Do It All

CMRK has the expert means and understanding to get the job done! Our expansive modern fleet of over 25 trucks, gives CMRK the logistical edge, ensuring we 24/7, appropriately deploy our resources to maintain industry leading customer service, and complete customer satisfaction. To accommodate all preferences, CMRK, in partnership with the Big Brothers Big SistersFoundation, readily makes available concierge, and by appointment at home pickups, drop boxes, community donation stations, and custom municipality ZERO WASTE programs. Every item we collect is repurposed with the goal of giving back.

Buyers, Suppliers, and Wholesalers

CMRK welcomes all business inquiries please contact us via our main office phone number or directly via email. Contact Us!

Every Item Considered At CMRK

We strive to throw away as little as possible. Our vast second life industry knowledge enables CMRK to divert common misconceptions about waste away from local landfills.